Human Renaissance Institute (HRI) is a research institute founded in 1990, as an intra-group think tank of an electronic manufacture Omron Corporation.

Japan has come through the stages of industrialization, automation, and informatization, and realized an affluent society for the last half of the 20th century. In the beginning of the 21st century, however, it does not seem to have a clear picture of the affluent society for the new era, or know how to realize it, either. Such situation is consistent with the "SINIC Theory," a future prediction theory presented by TATEISHI Kazuma, the founder of Omron Corporation, at the International Future Studies Conference in 1970.

While the road map for affluent society and affluent lifestyle is uncertain, HRI has been conducting research and activities, in accordance with the "SINIC Theory," to clear away the dense fog of uncertainty over our society.

Our research domain is derived from the awareness that how one can live more human life, as the name of the institute "Human Renaissance" indicates. It includes: individual lifestyle, way of working, family, community, corporation, education, welfare, environment and energy, and the relationship between scientific technology and the society. In efforts of research and activities, we try to share our findings and to form collaborative relationships with persons and institutes both locally and internationally.